The capital and port of the island are Chora

It is located in the western part of the island, built amphitheatrically on the hill. It is considered one of the most beautiful settlements in the Aegean. The port is called Pera Gialos. Formerly they were separate, but today it has been united with Chora. At the top of Chora is the Castle, with the dark, local stone surrounded by white square houses, with blue windows and doors, hanging next to each other. In the top of the hill are built 8 traditional stone windmills serving the needs of the residents in the past. Chora offers public services, accommodation and many food and coffee shops. - Located in a fertile valley is the seaside settlement of Livadi. It is just 3 km from Chora. There are many gardens with mandarins, pomegranates, lemon trees, orange trees and grape vines. It also has the biggest organized beach of the island. A dam has been built at its north-western edge. There you can see an artificial lake that meets the needs of the island in water. In the settlement there are several rooms to let, taverns, ouzeri and supermarkets. - In the eastern part of the island is the second largest settlement of the island, Maltezana or Analipsis. It is a seaside village with a beautiful sandy beach. The name probably originated from the Maltese pirates who were finding shelter. Main attraction is the dock with the fishing boats. From there, the island is supplied with fresh fish. In recent years, Maltezana has witnessed strong tourist growth. There are many options for accommodation but also many taverns. - Vathy is a bay, which looks more like a lagoon. There are two settlements, Exo Vathi, built at the entrance of the bay with a small dock and Mesa Vathi with fields and scarce trees and grape vines. A characteristic feature of Astypalaia is the many rocky islands that surround the island. The islets are Hondros, Lignos, Agia Kyriaki with the homonymous chapel, Koutsomitis with the beautiful beach and Kounoupes on the southeastern side of the island, Ktenia, Ponticousa, Ophidousa and Katsagreli to the west, while in the north are located Fokionisia. A little farther away are the Brothers, Syrna and the Three Islands.