Every bay in Astypalea you can visit a different small beach with clear blue waters that will surely justify your choice.

  • The route to one of the best beaches on the island, Vatses, leads to a long sandy beach with waters for underwater photography and a small beach bar with amazing cocktails.
  • Great challenge is reaching the beach of Agios Ioannis Richtis - you arrive after a half hour walk on a dirt path that starts from the Agios Ioannis Richtis church.
  • You can also visit it by boat and you will see the most beautiful sunset on the island. If the swimsuit is not necessary Tzanaki beach is the place to be. A small bay formed between two rocks.
  • In Kaminakia, you combine swimming and food.
  • In Plakes you sunbathe on smooth white rocks.
  • One of the highlights of your visit to Astypalea is the day-trip to the uninhabited islands of Koutsomitis and Kounupes and Kokkinos Gkremos.